Spin Media Improvises a New CEO

SpinMediaOfficesThis ranks as one of the more unusual rises to the CEO chair at an Internet content company. Not to mention speediest.

Per Peter Sterne’s Capital New York report, Stephen Blackwell started roaming the halls of Spin Media Group last month after Spin acquired the website he founded, deathandtaxes.com. Blackwell enthusiastically articulated his vision for the newly stabilized operation and, well, now he’s running the place:

“When I first got to Spin, and I started talking to everybody about, we’ve got an incredible brand here and a lot of opportunity for growth, I saw nothing but upside,” Blackwell said in a telephone interview with Capital. “I started expressing my vision on how we could help the brand grow, and that’s kind of when the conversation started about, well how does the CEO position look to you?”

Blackwell, the fourth Spin CEO in the last two years, sees almost unlimited growth potential when it comes to the realm of Spin and Vibe event partnerships. He told Sterne that the company is currently employing 120 full-time employees, plus freelancers.

All that’s left now is for Spin Media Group to update the website Team page. At the time of writing, Blackwell’s predecessor Dale Strang , who apparently decided he no longer wanted to deal with cross-country commuting, is still listed.

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