Spin Makes Changes

Next year is going to bring a lot of changes for Spin. The magazine is cutting its rate base and publishing frequency, while also increasing the size of the title and upping the paper stock to make what is left of Spin feel more premium. Each of the six bimonthly issues will carry a theme, much like the Nirvana issue that gained the magazine some praise, feature more long form journalism and be evenly distributed across the brand’s platforms.

Devin Pedzwater, Spin’s Creative Director, thinks the shift will make the print feel special while also allowing the magazine to increase its online presence.

“We’re extremely proud of the new Spin magazine in the way that it lends itself to permanence and collectability like never before,” said Pedzwater.

“We’re constantly thinking about the evolution of Spin in terms of how our consumers want to access content and how we can best serve their needs. A cross-platform editorial approach allows us to tell our stories across a variety of content areas and really dive deep into the strengths of each platform.”

FishbowlNY likes the idea of making the print version a collectors item, and with each issue themed, that will only draw more attention to them. Also, a bigger format might grab advertisers’ eyes, and that’s always a good thing.