Spil Games to distribute Galaxy Life

Spil Games announced today that it’s teaming up with Digital Chocolate in order to distribute Galaxy Life to an international audience on a platform other than Facebook.

Galaxy Life is still seeing steady growth on Facebook since its December 2011 launch. According to our traffic tracking service AppData, the game’s traffic is at a high point with 2 million monthly active users and almost 400,000 daily active users. Part of this distribution deal involves Spil Games assisting Digital Chocolate in localization efforts, including translation into multiple languages.

VP of Corporate Development and External Communications Floris Jan Cuypers tells Inside Social Games how Galaxy Life is a perfect fit for Spil’s audience —especially teenage boys — between the game’s distinctive setting, social elements and the deep gameplay.

Spil Games is positioning itself as an alternative social gaming portal to networks like Facebook and Google+, one that’s primarily courting teen and family audiences. The strategy’s worked out well: In January, Spil reported traffic was up to 170 million monthly unique visitors, average user sessions last around 85 minutes and average revenue per paying user could be as high as $60, depending on the market.

Galaxy Life is the first of several Digital Chocolate titles that Spil Games is working on bringing to its portal, though Cuypers can’t detail what they are at the moment.

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