Spies Can't Track You on Facebook

In a recent article published by News:lite, the GCHQ, England’s version of the NSA, has stated that they can not track communications through services like Facebook and Skype. While privacy advocates are probably praising this admission, security experts are really beginning to worry.

For years intelligence agencies have relied on traditional forms of communication breaking to hack into suspected wrong doers lives. As more and more bad guys are turning to the internet to communicate spy agencies are having a tough time keeping up.

Britons head code breaker, Sir David Pepper, went on record as saying: “The Internet uses a very different approach to communications in that, rather than having any sense of fixed lines like that, there is big network with a number of nodes.” I have no fear that intelligence agencies will find a way to track those who don’t want to be track, but I find it ironic that Facebook is being mentioned as being too secure.

It seems Facebook can’t quite catch a break when it comes to the issue of security. If they are not getting hounded for giving away users data they are getting called out by spies for keeping too much data secret. What I really think is going on here is basically the name game, on all sides of the argument.

Facebook is providing a service, a service that people are unsure of at times. Instead of finding solutions to security problems people are finding scape goats. I know we have asked this before, but how do you feel about Facebook’s security level? Do you think evil doers could use it to communicate with fellow evil doers? Let me know.