Spiers to Break the Seal on Dealbreaker on Wednesday

Here’s some legitimately exciting news: Elizabeth Spiers, the founder of FishbowlNY and Mediabistro’s former editor in chief, informs us that her potentially white-hot dealbreaker.com blog will launch on Wednesday, March 29. (And, despite what we thought, it’s not a blog about trying to date a NYC actress while living in Connecticut with your mom.)

As you all probably know, Spiers left her Mb post late last year to write a novel, And They All Die in the end, due next fall and — with the backing of Logicworks CEO Carter Burden and The Week president Justin Smith — launch a blog network starting with Dealbreaker.

Until it goes live, a decidedly ghetto static page soliciting tips and potential interns’ résumés will have to whet the Street’s insidery appetite. We can’t wait.

UPDATE: By calling Dealbreaker’s placeholder page “decidedly ghetto,” we did not mean it as a, uh, “diss.” In fact, we quite liked it — though, to be honest, SEC filing parodies are a little too inside ‘Streetball for us.