Spero Dedes Dodges DWI, Gets Knicks Radio Job

FishbowlLA is thrilled to hear from ESPN that former Lakers radio play-by-play man Spero Dedes has managed to circumvent some recent, personal July 4 weekend fireworks.

When Dedes was booked on a DWI in Southampton last month, much speculation ensued about whether or not the New York Knicks would back out of plans to hire him as their new radio play-by-play guy. But all is good again in the Dedes world, with the talented 32-year-old set to glide this fall from ESPN 710 Radio in LA to ESPN 1050 Radio in New York:

“I can remember walking into Madison Square Garden for my first Knicks game as a teenager and feeling the magic of the place,” Dedes said in the statement. “I’ve been in love with this franchise ever since. When I was a broadcast student at Fordham all I dreamt about was what it would feel like to be a Knicks announcer and now it’s become reality. I’m truly humbled by this opportunity, and having my family close to me again means a great deal. In addition, I’m forever grateful to the Lakers organization for my time spent there.”

It just won’t be the same listening to John Ireland and Mychal Thompson call 2011-12 Lakers games. No offense to Ireland, but Dedes is part of a very rare, silky-voiced breed.

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