Spending a Day with Libeskind in His New Contemporary Jewish Museum

For some reason in reporting, it seems that rare is the day that we hear from an architect, a designer, or some other creative type, exploring their own creation and picking up on its goods and bads. Everyone surely does this in person, or to their colleagues, or in books they decide to write when they’re eighty, looking back on their careers. But not so much right as the thing’s being unveiled. Such is not the case with this great piece in the SF Gate, who asked Daniel Libeskind to wander around his new, much-anticipated Contemporary Jewish Museum in that city, and tell them what he thinks. Granted, the guy is always about 120% positive most of the time and he’s probably not got a lot of negatives to say about his new baby, but it’s fun to read something from the perspective of such a famous architect who is looking at something so familiar to him with a fresh eye. It also provides a nice look at a day in the life of a starchitect, which is good for you budding builders out there.

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