Journalism Grad Ready to Walk from Maine to California

After graduating from the University of Maine last spring with a degree in journalism, Spencer Morton (pictured) got a job at the Bangor Daily News, working in the obituary department. But it obviously was not a lively enough beat for the young reporter, because he decided to leave his post at the end of last year in favor of an entirely more active endeavor.

Beginning this weekend, Morton will start walking across the country. He tells his former employer that at a clip of 20 miles per day, he figures he’ll make it to Los Angeles within six months, at which point the real journalistic work will begin:

When Morton gets to LA he will stay with friends while he edits his documentary, writes a book, and records a spoken word album sharing his stories and the stories of people he meets. “I’ve always loved watching documentaries and filming and I’ve always loved the idea of true people telling their stories so I’d love to get into that career someday,” Morton said.

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