Speedy Ninja Endless Runner Sprints Onto iOS, Android

Speedy Ninja challenges players to avoid obstacles and defeat enemies while running on a burning rope.

NetEase Games has announced the release of its first mobile game in the West: Speedy Ninja. The endless runner challenges players to avoid obstacles and defeat enemies to earn as many points as possible without falling off of the path, which is made of burning rope.

In each game of Speedy Ninja, players tap on jump and dive buttons to jump over or dive under obstacles as they run on both the top and bottom of the horizontal rope. Power-ups will sometimes appear while running, which may give players a temporary speed boost or protect them with a lightning shield, as examples. In addition to obstacles like spikes and bamboo, players must also avoid enemies, including bats and spiders. Powers may also appear when a wave of enemies is approaching, allowing players to defeat them, rather than avoid them.

As players clear each section while running, the ninja will automatically call his or her pet mount, which lifts them into the sky to earn bonus points or coins, before dropping them down into a new section of the run. Players can upgrade their mount, or feed it to send it on a search for free rewards.

Speedy Ninja

While players can take a hit and not immediately end the game, when they do eventually fall off of the rope, they may have the option of recruiting another player, in the form of a different ninja, to continue the run.

Players collect coins as they run, which can be spent on upgrades for their ninja’s stats, upgrades for weapons and more. Players can collect new weapons over time, each with a special ability that charges as players collect coins or defeat enemies while running. Once charged, this ability can be activated with a tap, and may provide players with a shield for avoiding a future hit, or may shoot ice shards to destroy all obstacles in front of the ninja for a limited time, as examples.

Players can upgrade and eventually evolve their weapons to become stronger, using items like experience point boosts and old weapons. Users can also spend coins or premium currency on chests which may contain weapons or experience point items. In addition, gamers can unlock new ninjas with coins or premium currency (one is rewarded for connecting to Facebook), with each having different stats.

As players upgrade their weapon or ninja, their future games may have default percentage bonuses for the game’s score, coins earned and more. Gamers can also level up their overall ninja by completing goals while running, or completing training missions from the game’s dojo. Users can compare their high scores with those of other players on the game’s leaderboards.

In a statement, David Ting, general manager of NetEase North America, commented:

The launch of Speedy Ninja is an incredible milestone for NetEase, delivering on our promise to serve the West with our first mobile game offering. By adapting a successful Asian title for Western audiences from the ground up, Speedy Ninja showcases NetEase’s global appeal. I am confident that players will love the game.

Speedy Ninja is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play.