SpeedDate Doing Another “Buy and Switch” – This Time, with Oregon Trail

Earlier this summer, Facebook application developer SpeedDate was temporarily suspended from the Facebook Platform. The reason? Allegedly the company bought several Facebook applications with large user bases and holistically replaced them with a copy of the SpeedDate app. Users were surprised to find that their previous apps had been renamed and switched into a completely different application.

However, it appears as though SpeedDate is not deterred from doing more similar acquisitions. This time, it’s apparently buying and switching Oregon Trail, previously developed by kickflip. Tonight, Oregon Trail users were sent the following announcement:

Next week, Oregon Trail’s name and functionality will be changed to SpeedDate. Data entered into the original app won’t be used anymore. Soon you’ll be able to try SpeedDate, the fastest way to meet new people, so stay tuned! P.S. If you want to opt-out of this app, instructions can be found here.

Buying Facebook apps is apparently a cost-effective method of customer acquisition. However, it remains to be seen whether Facebook will intervene in these kinds of transactions now and in the future as it has in the past.

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