Speed Dating 2.0 goes to Facebook

randomate.jpgFacebook has definitely become the most sought after destination of third party developers and even full-featured web services. Take the case of Speed Dating 2.0, a web-based services for singles that are looking for their perfect match, which took the plunge and transported itself into the Facebook open platform.

speedating20.jpgSpeed Dating 2.0 was initially launched as a stand-alone social network called Randomate.com. However due to time requirements of finding a match in social networks and websites, the owners of Randomate decided to take advantage of the growing popularity and increasing membership base of Facebook and developed its own Speed Dating 2.0 application for the Facebook environment. Speed Dating 2.0 extends Randomate’s speed dating services.

The service allows Facebook members to engage in 5-minutes conversation and it’s up to them if they want to continue their conversation through their Facebook accounts, or even possibly later on in real life.

Where else could you possible find your perfect match but in the diverse community of more than 68 million people populating the Facebook portal. If you can’t find one or two perfect matches from the Facebook community, there must be something wrong with you.

If you want to take Speed Dating 2.0 for a spin, you know the drill >> log in to your Facebook account >> search for Speed Dating 2.0 >> then simply click on sign up. From there, it is already your call.