Speculation: Microsoft Windows 8 Will Use Metro UI from Windows 7-Why This Will Not Work

BusinessInsider reports that an unnamed Microsoft source said that the next version of Microsoft Windows will be tuned for tablets and use some version of the Metro user interface designed for Windows Phone 7.
Microsoft Preparing Windows 8 Tablet Design Demos For June
This would indicate that Microsoft is following Apple’s lead. Apple has already announced that the next version of OS X would include a number of features originally seen in iOS for the iPhone and iPad.
Microsoft’s problem, however, is that applications for Windows are not designed for touch or even stylus use on a tablet. So, it does not matter how good their Windows 8 Metro UI is if applications break the interface the first time they launch. Apple’s iPad does not have this problem because all apps are designed for iOS from the start.
You can read a bit more about the Windows Phone 7 Metro UI in this item I wrote last month.
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