Speculation Abounds as to Who Will Replace NY Times Architecture Critic Nicolai Ouroussoff

With the surprising news from earlier this month that the NY Times‘ long-time and often controversial architecture critic, Nicolai Ouroussoff, would be stepping down to concentrate on writing a book, comes a great deal of speculation on who might replace him. Architectural Record, apparently thinking the Times will use its stature to steal away a critic from another paper or magazine, has assembled its lists of picks for the position, while also allowing you the public to vote in an ongoing poll. Will the Tribune‘s Blair Kamin give up his beloved Chicago and move to the Big Apple? Will fellow Pulitzer winner Justin Davidson take leave of New York, thus reversing the recent trend of writers leaving in the opposite direction, moving from that paper to that magazine. Most interesting, and what we believe is an incredible long-shot, is their inclusion of former staffer, Paul Goldberger, who Ouroussoff himself replaced in the critic spot. Seems like it would have to be quite the offer to lure Goldberger from the cozy confines of the New Yorker, where he’s been able to file long, flowing stories about architecture and what it all means in the grand scheme of things, but who knows? Check out the list, pick your favorite in A.R.‘s poll, and even select “Nobody,” if you believe the Times will go in a more surprising direction (like, um, hiring two relatively unknown bloggers from a site that rhymes with “MunSmeige”).