Special Education in the LA Times


The LA Times produced one of their bulky commemorative sections today, this time on Higher Education. While no one is going to save a big ol’ hunk of newsprint anymore, these 125th anniversary specials are pretty cool. Maybe they’ll put these out in a book format at the end of the anniversary year.

Charles Perry has an amusing piece on campus dining fads and fancies, Booth Moore surveys campus fashion and there’s a cute little interactive yearbook, just like in People or US. Warning: it’s a Flash site.

But Patrick Goldstein’s round-up of movies on campus is sort of a wikipedia entry, and he just repeats the standard blurbs (his take on Mona Lisa Smile makes the same mistakes the film-makers did). And he leaves out Good News. Steve Padilla has a very short piece about California campuses as locations, almost as an afterthought.


And books with campus settings don’t fare much better, with David Ulin pretty much unable to find any novels with a UC or even California setting, and instead casting a wide net to include One L by Scott Turow . Why bother?

Stanford’s famous marching band doesn’t get a mention, but at least Caltech’s legendary pranks show up. And why not a piece on the various fight songs or Alma Maters? And all the new plants and fruits developed at Cal Poly? And the wine program at UC Davis? And what about Humboldt State? And famous campus crimes? Maybe next time.