Special AT&T Customers (Not Me) Eligible for iPhone 3G S Best Upgrade Pricing

If you are a “special” AT&T iPhone customer (I’m not), you might want to login to your AT&T Wireless account to see if your upgrade status has changed.

An Update for our Customers – iPhone 3G S Upgrade Eligibility Update

The press release is, at best, confusing. But, checking your account today (June 18) should tell you for sure if you qualify to buy an iPhone 3G S at the same price as a new customer.

Here’s what I gathered from their release. But, you should just check your online account status to verify information specific to your account.

1. If you are a new customer, you can buy an iPhone 3G S at the “best upgrade pricing” discussed ($199, $299).

2. If you are an AT&T customer using something other than an iPhone but whose monthly spend averages more that $99 and has had your current contract for more than 12 months, you may qualify for the best upgrade pricing for the 3G S too.

3. If you would have been eligible for the fully subsidized price between July (next month) and September, you may qualify for the best upgrade pricing.

4. If you have had your iPhone for more than 18 months, you may qualify for the “early upgrade pricing” ($399, $499).

5. Everyone else is out of luck. If you want an iPhone 3G S, prepare to pay full price ($599, $600). But, the non-shiny silver lining is that you do not have to re-up for another 2 year contract.

I hope those of you who qualify for this updated pricing plan enjoy your new shiny iPhone 3G S tomorrow!