Speak2Tweet Helping Syrians Stay Connected During Crisis

Just when you think Twitter is turning evil, something happens to remind you that the microblogging platform really isn’t so bad at the heart of it.

Twitter and the Google Monster joined forces last year during the riots in Egypt and developed a speak-to-tweet service. And that service is coming in handy this year for Syrians facing an Internet blackout.

The Next Web reports the “Middle Eastern country ‘went black’ yesterday when an estimated 90 percent of Internet connections in the country were cut.”

According to the AP, Syrian authorities have blocked Internet and phone signals (the latter of which would impact Speak2Tweet) in the capital city of Damascus, as rebels and government troops continue to clash. However, Syrian information minister told reports pro-government Ikhbariya TV that “terrorists,” not the state, had cut the Internet, Reuters reports.

How does Speak2Tweet work? This post from Google explains how it works and why it’s so critical to have right now:


You can check out @Speak2Tweet here. Clicking its “voice to tweets” links to the audio recording submitted.

Would you like to ‘speak to tweet’ or do you prefer writing it out?

(Speak2Tweet image from Twitter)