Speaking Truth To Power

Donald Rumsfeld would probably hold a lot more press briefings if the Pentagon press corps’ questions tended more along the lines of radio talk show host Mike Gallagher.

Some sample questions from Rumsfeld’s recent interview on the Mike “Not To Be Confused with Wallace” Gallagher show:

GALLAGHER: It’s not an easy task coming into the studio every day and trying to get to the truth about things like this war on terror. I really fear that the mainstream media has such an agenda that most Americans just don’t get a true picture of the success that we’ve had, particularly in Iraq. I don’t suppose anybody could give us a better picture than the 21st Secretary of Defense Donald H. Rumsfeld. It is a real honor to welcome the Defense Secretary to the Mike Gallagher Show. Secretary Rumsfeld, how are you sir?

GALLAGHER: There have been a number of milestones. I’ve seen you express this frustration, Mr. Secretary, that these achievements — we hear them from soldiers. I hear them from service men and women who come back. I get e-mails from service men over in the battlefield who say Mike, the American people just don’t get the picture of all the good that’s being done over there. It’s got to be frustrating. I’ve seen you express that frustration. But talk a little bit about how hard it is to get this message out to the American people.

GALLAGHER: It must be incredibly inspirational to have that opportunity as you did this week to sort of pay that kind of a surprise visit to Iraq. It must be an amazing experience to shake the hands of those men and women who are over there defending our freedoms.

Lots more below:

GALLAGHER: It’s buried. The spread of democracy to this troubled part of the world is such a watershed moment in our nation’s history and indeed on the planet, and yet it just seems to be put on a back burner and it’s enormously frustrating to those of us who keep hearing the pleas from people who are over there with their boots on the ground saying you’ve got to get the word out.

GALLAGHER: Our guest is Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld here on the Mike Gallagher Show. Mr. Secretary, I have been pained. It has been painful on a very personal and professional level to see some of these retired generals criticize you and your efforts. What is your response to some of the things that have been said about you? And of course the mainstream media has taken it and run with it.

GALLAGHER: It has to be awfully difficult for you to hear some of those potshots that have been leveled your way by some of these retired generals.

GALLAGHER: I appreciate you putting it in perspective. When you think of the thousands of either active or retired generals and admirals and commanders and they have managed to find I think four or five who seem not to think that you’ve done a very good job or a very effective job. That does give us pause for realizing a little perspective here about it. Because we’ve also heard, although the media doesn’t like to talk about these guys too much, all the generals and the active military commanders who think we’ve certainly made some mistakes but overall this has been a noble and a very competent effort.

GALLAGHER: We thank you, sir. And I hope you know that through all the tough times there are millions and millions of Americans like me who are supporting you, Mr. Secretary. Keep up the great work.

GALLAGHER: We appreciate you, sir. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld.