Speaking of Memorials…

We think that posting depressing and morbid stories today about people losing their jobs is our way of celebrating Memorial Day. We do this thinking that we don’t post depressing and morbid stories about people losing their jobs everyday.

But we found this on LA Observed and had to post some of it here. It’s Alan Mittelstaedt the now former editor of CityBeat in a letter to his writers.

When the scrappy paper is relaunched in its new and fresh orbit June 12, I will not be on board. Rebecca (Rebecca Schoenkopf) gave me the bad news Friday during a cigarette break in the alley outside our Wilshire Boulevard office; in this case, it was the executioner who smoked while I watched the standing-room-only 720 bus and wondered when and where I’ll get another chance to slam Henry Waxman. By the way, Rebecca handled my firing with grace. She said her decision had nothing to do with my work, which she praised, and she asked me to continue writing L.A. Sniper, which I see as only a remote possibility at CityBeat.

For you writers, I encourage you to remain part of the show and to help in any way you can. Rebecca faces the unenviable job of taming and talking sense to a local branch of the same unrelenting, misguided capitalist forces threatening journalism everywhere.

The letter is posted in its entirety here.

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