Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Portfolio


Speak Up, a destination you should be extremely familiar with if you follow the design or ad world at all, has created a terrific forum that fits perfectly with the implied intention of the site’s name, with its newest posting “What does a portfolio look like these days?” to which many, many people answered with all kinds of goodness. If you’re in the process of putting together yours, or prepping to have to read a bunch soon, or just generally interested in all of this, you’ll need to set some time aside to read all of the comments, but for a quick pick, a little peek into what’s there, as it were, here’s a couple of good selections:

1)”A great designer can sell any project (web, print, direct mail, etc.) as a success of aesthetic chops, process, problem solving and critical thinking. Any firm that only wants to see examples that are similar to what they do is a firm that one needs to stay far away from.”

2)”The last time I pitched to a new client I went with a blank white sqaure of paper folded in half & a great idea. I was up against 2 actual design studios that put together a shedload of glossy stuff on spec. I got that work and a whole lot since. Next week I am meeting with a potential client. I will throw about ten pieces that I really like in a shoulder bag and take them along. My point, if there is one, is that my ability to connect with people (listen, be interested, offer the right idea) is way more important for me personally in getting & keeping work than is what I show and the way I show it.”