Speak (Actually Speak) To Your Twitter Followers Instead Of Tweeting

If you’re fingers are aching from typing those super-long 140 character tweets, why not give them a break and speak instead? With this new (and free!) service from Voice.com, you can send little audio clips to your Twitter followers instead of bothering with the whole keyboard, typing, text thing.

Just head over to Voice.com and sign in with your Twitter account to start sending voice recordings to your followers using their service VoiceForTwitter. You can also sign in with Facebook and update your status with audio recordings as well.

You’ll have to sign up using your Twitter email account as well as a phone number that you will use to call in to VoiceForTwitter. After registering, you simple call 650-273-4286 and leave an “audio tweet” that VoiceForTwitter will instantly send out from your Twitter account. Your followers will see a link to the audio file that they can click on to listen to.

VoiceForTwitter also has an iPhone app for you Apple lovers.

I’m not sure how eager your followers are to hear your voice, but if you think you’ve got something to say that can’t be typed, this is a cool little service to check out. Once you’re registered, it’s quite simple to leave an audio tweet, so you should have no problem hemming, hawing and sighing to your followers right away.

Voice.com also offers enterprise-level voice-to-social-profile services, such as their voice-enabled theme for “So You Think You Can Sing?”, which allows Facebook fans to call in an often excruciating attempt to belt out Celine Dion.

Via InformationWeek