SPD Shares How Three News Magazines Designed and Published Their Steve Jobs Issues So Quickly

With all the dozens of tributes and essays written about the passing of Steve Jobs over the past couple of weeks we, and likely you, were beginning to suffer a bit of overwhelmed burnout. However, the Society of Publication Designers has managed to get put together an interesting new angle with this fascinating read about how three weekly news magazines were able to put together their issues last minute after learning about the Apple founder’s death at the 11th hour before going to press. They speak to the editorial staff at Bloomberg, Time, and Newsweek, each telling stories of long, panicked sleepless nights while they hurried to put together their Jobs-focused issues, both from the writing side and how the magazines were designed (it’s SPD after all). If you read one thing all day, make it this. Here’s a bit from Bloomberg‘s Richard Turley about how the cover came to be (following a stock art bidding war):

A day later David was searching on Getty, found this pic, we stripped the background out, silo’d him and laid it over a slab of Pantone 877 silver printed as a fifth color. We have a monthly contract with Getty so the cover image was basically free. We still haven’t seen the picture we originally wanted in any other magazines… Having the back cover to play with was a treat. We extended the fifth color onto the back of the magazine, as a nod to the backs of iPods. I also liked it because having a wraparound silver cover made it feel more like an object rather than a conventional magazine. The “Goodbye” computer was an afterthought from Josh.