Facebook Habit Gets Nun Kicked Out Of Convent

Sister Maria Jesus Galan's fondness for Facebook apparently got her kicked out of her convent in Toledo, Spain.

Sister Maria Jesus Galan liked to keep up with her friends on Facebook, but her fondness for the site got her in trouble with her convent, Santo Domingo el Real in Toledo, Spain.

She announced on her Facebook page she had been asked to leave after “disagreements over her online activities,” according to the Telegraph. The 54-year-old had about 600 Facebook friends at the time of her eviction, and now has a fan page with almost 7,000 supporters from around the globe calling for her to be allowed back in the order, according to the Telegraph.

Her convent got its first computer just a decade ago. And in 2008, Sister Maria won a local government prize for digitizing the convent’s archives. Her notoriety after winning the award brought more fans to her Facebook page, and that’s when the all the trouble began. Fellow nuns disapproved of her social media savvy and gave her a hard time about it, according to the Telegraph. The Dominican order refused to comment to the Telegraph about the reasons for her departure.

Now, Sister Maria is living with her mom and said she’s ready to embark on her newfound freedom. “I would like to visit London and New York. Such things were impossible to even dream when at the convent,” she posted on her page, according to the Telegraph.

Do you think she deserved to be kicked out of the order?