Spanish Government Set to Close Year-Old Centro Cultural Internacional Oscar Niemeyer on December 15th

In early October, the Spanish government shocked both its people and the international cultural community with the announced closure of the Centro Cultural Internacional Oscar Niemeyer. Open for less than a year, it had breathed new life into the small town of Aviles, bringing in not only one of the world’s most famous architects to build the space, but also attracting world-famous performers to appear there. At that time, things didn’t appear very positive for the Center, with Spain in the grips of the economic crisis plaguing nearly all of the European Union. Now two months since, it looks like things have gotten worse. NPR‘s Weekend Edition yesterday filed this report, saying the space is set to now close for good (or at least until the government can figure out what to do) on December 15th, the same day as its architect, Oscar Niemeyer, will be turning 104. Here’s the report: