Spanish Facebook Hacked Resulting In Widespread Vulgarity

Rather letting Spanish users know which friends have birthdays today, many are being greeted with the message “f*ck you b*tches”. The message, which appears to have been accomplished by tricking the Facebook Translations application, is being reported by numerous Facebook users who are viewing the site in Spanish. Other vulgar phrases seen around the site include, “See all dicks” rather than “See all photos” and “va a follar con”, which is an extremely vulgar Spanish phrase.

The reports have been streaming in to our inbox for the past few hours and it hasn’t slowed down. Numerous users are reporting the issue, however most of those users who are reporting it, all appear to be viewing the site in Spanish. By installing the Facebook Translations application and switching to “Spanish”, you can view many of the errors taking place. This isn’t the first time this trick has been used to spread vulgar messages throughout the site.
Due to a flaw in the Facebook Translations application, if enough people vote on an incorrect translation, that phrase will be replace what was previously a legitimate phrase. So far Facebook hasn’t had a chance to resolve the issue, however we’d expect Facebook to fix it pretty quickly as word spreads about the issue. I won’t bother to post screenshots of the issues taking place in other areas around the site, however if you are looking to find some vulgar phrases, switch over to the Spanish version of Facebook and poke around for a little bit.
With millions of Latin American users viewing Facebook daily, plenty of people have already been exposed at this point.