Spammers Getting Desparate With Latest Facebook Phishing Scams

The Facebook phishing scams have continued over the Memorial Day weekend, although it appears Facebook is slowly winning the battle. The latest versions of the scams have used Tinyurls and improperly placed spaces to defeat Facebook’s spam filters. One message I received in the past few minutes simply stated “n u d z . r u”.

While it’s unknown if recipients are following the improperly formed URLs, the spammers are clearly turning to alternative tactics. While the volume has appeared to increase, the new spam messages are not great phishing bait. Rather than luring more victims, the spammers are simply helping Facebook to improve their anti-spam measures.

Within minutes of links being posted, many of the URLs become unreachable after being blocked by network based anti-spam filters. Facebook appears to be battling one of the most aggressive spam networks so far but the company appears to be slowly winning the battle.

Have you seen an increase in the volume of spam on Facebook over the past few days? Have you been one of the users that was duped by the spammers?

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