Spammers Find Loophole In Facebook Page Wall Filters

Spammers have found a way around the filters set up on Facebook page walls.

Spammers have found a way around the filters set up on Facebook page walls.

The recent redesign of pages added the ability for administrators to use Facebook as the name of their page, and while doing so they can post self-promoting content on others’ walls and click like on these posts.

Clicking like on such posts can keep the site from suggesting them as spam, says blogger Josh Constine. So we’ve asked Facebook how it’s planning to counteract these spammers, and will update our post when we find out more information.

Even as Facebook continues to improve its spam filters, we still have to manually delete some posts from the AllFacebook wall on the social network — often these deletions confirm suggestions made by the site via grey highlighting of postings that have no relation to the topic in a particular thread.

So however temporary the like-as-a-page loophole might be, it demonstrates how no filter can ever substitute for a set of eyeballs watching the posts that go up on a wall. More generally speaking, spammers continue to keep one step ahead of security technology, keeping the white-hat types busy. Facebook is simply the latest frontier for spam.

The site has done a fabulous job in reducing spam, by an estimated 95 percent, so we assume it’s a matter of when, rather than whether, Facebook will close this latest loophole that spammers have found.

Readers, have you seen this phenomenon on your own page walls or those you visit?