Spacetime Studios Announces Call of Champions for iOS, Android

The MOBA will feature short, five-minute matches and over 20 playable champions.

Call of Champions

Arcane Legends creator, Spacetime Studios, has announced Call of Champions, its upcoming multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game for mobile devices. The game is being designed to take advantage of the way users engage with their mobile devices, as it will feature short matches with five-minute time limits.

The game will offer three-vs-three multiplayer matches, as players control one of over 20 champions across five different classes, each with their own play styles and special abilities. Traditional MOBA elements, including item shops, minions and a “jungle” or secondary environmental area, have been removed, in order to offer fast-paced competition for mobile gamers on-the-go.

In place of these traditional MOBA elements, players will find power-ups and an RPG-style of progression. Each champion’s abilities will evolve over time, via a customization system the player chooses.

As an inherently social experience, Call of Champions will feature hefty social mechanics, including the ability to recruit new team members, plan matches and earn achievements and “social” loot in the game’s social hub. The game will also allow users to broadcast or spectate live matches.

Call of Champions will launch later this year as a free download on iOS and Android devices. Check back soon for more.

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