Southwest Airlines Doesn’t Care About Kevin Smith

Another day, another social media kerfuffle. This time it’s film director Kevin Smith (Clerks, Chasing Amy) and Southwest Airlines.

Smith [pictured right] was kicked off a Southwest Airlines flight because he was deemed a “safety risk.” The real reason: Smith is too big to fit into one seat.

He knows this, and usually buys two seats on Southwest, since the tickets are so cheap. However, this weekend he got onto an earlier flight where he only had one seat, and then was asked to leave the flight after boarding.

Smith went public with his gripes on Twitter, the media picked it up, and now social media and PR types are blogging away. Despite all of the commotion, we’ll make an educated guess: Southwest Airlines doesn’t really care about any of this.

Here’s why…

Next time you go online to look for a flight from Los Angeles to Dallas, are you going to say to yourself, “You know what, I could fly Southwest, but I’m going to pay MORE to fly on Airline X because Southwest offended Kevin Smith three months ago.” No way.

Anyways, we can’t help but think maybe Southwest actually wants all of this attention, and next month a social media strategist will emerge to take credit for the “campaign,” which will go on to win many industry awards. Of course, we’re just guessing.

UPDATE: As pointed out by PRNewser readers, Smith says he was not kicked off the plan because he was too fat, although Southwest still notes their “two seat” policy in a blog post.

[Image via Kevin Smith’s Twitter]