South Koreans To Sue Apple Over Privacy Violation Of iPhone User Information

A group of nearly 27,000 South Koreans have filed a lawsuit against Apple for a whopping $26 million, claiming privacy violations on the collection of iPhone user location information. Apple spokesman Steve Park in Seoul has declined to comment on the situation.

Apple has faced serious complaints and criticisms after it was known in April that user’s location information were being stored by the iPhone to nearby cellphone towers and Wi-Fi hot spots for up to a year. It should be a serious concern for the device owners knowing that their mobility patterns are being saved for unknown reasons.  Later Apple identified it as software bug that caused iPhones to continuously send location data to the company’s servers even when location services on the devices were disabled. The company said that it has fixed the bug now with free software update and it no longer store the data on phones for more than seven days.

Kim Hyeong-seok, one of the lawyer, said that around 26,691 plaintiffs are already listed in the civil suit filed this Wednesday. There are also 921 minors for which the lawyers are trying to obtain the consent from their parent to join the lawsuit. Further the lawyers are soliciting more participants to join the case by the end of this month.

Each person in the lawsuit is seeking 1 million won ($932) in damages, according to Kim and if the court in the southern city of Changwon rules in favor of the plaintiffs, Apple will have to sign a check of about 27.6 billion won ($25.7 million).

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