South Korean Lawmakers Pass Bill to Prevent Employers Asking Applicants Their Height and Weight

Yes, you read that right. In South Korea, per The Wall Street Journal, it’s apparently not uncommon for employers to ask job applicants personal information like their height, weight, blood type and the education level of their parents.

Wait, what?

That’s what we said! Get this — Nexen Corporation, a rubber product maker, asks candidates to divulge where they’re originally from, weight, height, eyesight, blood type, religion and civil state. That’s a far cry from the many questions here which are off-limits. Rule of thumb on this side of the pond: If it’s not relevant to the job, it’s not relevant information to share! But alas, that’s our mindset, not theirs.

How about brokerage firm Korea Investment & Securities Company? Per the piece, they ask the candidate for his or her weight, height and their parents’ employment details. And how is that relevant to their qualifications for the job they’re pursuing? We wonder.

Well, the good news is that lawmakers are supportive of applicants. Late last week they passed a bill to curtail the personal information gathered on applicants. Their main concern is to protect personal information and prevent damage like financial fraud.