Sourcebooks Launches Romance eBook Store

Indie publisher Sourcebooks has launched an online bookstore that sells exclusively romance eBooks at

The new store is driven by reader input. For example, readers were even involved in the logo design (pictured above). Here is more from the Discover blog: “We are designing and building Discover a New Love completely around you—around your interests, your needs, your wants, and your desires. Our top goal is to create a product that appeals to you, and we’d love to get your feedback as we move toward our launch date.”

Readers can join the store’s loyalty club, which costs $9.99 for 6 months, to receive discounts and early access to  books. The Chicago Tribune has more: “Each month, members will get to choose one ebook title from Sourcebooks; selection, which ranges from bestselling romance authors to sub-genres including contemporary, paranormal and historical. The titles are digital rights management (DRM)-free, so readers will own them, according to company officials.”