Sour Jacks’ Mobile Ads Steer Movie Fans to Outdoor Summer Screening

CPG brand bets on location-based Facebook promos

Over the past week, Sour Jacks has been running Facebook mobile ads in New York to pinpoint consumers who are going to the Hudson River Park’s River Flicks summer movie series.

Such promos today home in from a 10-mile radius to a one-mile area in Manhattan's midtown and downtown neighborhoods. In addition to the Facebook ads, Sour Jacks is running location-based banners on Millennial Media and Google’s mobile ad networks to drive traffic to the event.

"Early on in the event, we’re casting a very wide net from a geo-targeting standpoint," said Benjamin Hordell, partner at DXAgency, Sour Jacks’ agency. "As we get closer to the event, we’re tightening that geo-fenced area and transforming it from the event message to the brand message."

Per Hordell, the idea behind using both social and mobile ads serves as a "digital street team" to spread the word about the brand’s sponsorship of tonight’s movie festival. Sour Jacks is also running a selfie contest at the event that gives fans the chance to win a $25 ShopRite gift card.

DXAgency ran a similar campaign last week for Welch’s Fruit Snacks for a sponsorship at the Quick Chek balloon festival in New Jersey.

Similar to Sour Jacks’ campaign, Welch’s began running mobile and social ads leading up to the event. First, the brand targeted ads around a 50-mile geo-fence of the festival’s grounds, and as the week went on, the radius of the ads whittled down to 25 miles. By the day of the Quick Chek balloon festival, Welch’s ads surrounded a one-mile area of the festival area.

The goal of the location-based ads was to drive traffic to a Welch’s booth with product samples. And the ads apparently were effective in getting people to check out the booth: The brand gave out all 50,000 of its samples.