Soup’s On

From Ron Fournier:

    Dear HOTSOUP Colleague,

    Thanks for joining.

    We’re off to a fast start. Thousands of people like you, including a few dozen political, business and pop culture leaders, have signed up for our issues-based community that launches in October.

    Today begins a series of announcements about some of those Opinion Drivers who are “In the Soup.”

    We’re proud to announce that Senator John McCain, seven-time Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong, Applebee’s International Chairman & CEO Lloyd Hill, Leadership Network founder Bob Buford, and stay-at-home mother/political activist Mary Shull are the first group being featured in a news release today.

    Each of these Opinion Drivers responded to the question, ” Why are people hungry for an issues-based community of Opinion Drivers like” You can see their responses in full, along with the press release, at

    You’ll also notice a new poll. We can’t get enough of your opinions.

    Please invite your friends, family and co-workers to join us “In the Soup,” and stay tuned for more news.

    Ron Fournier