SoundTracking Receives $4.75M in Financing

SoundTracking is becoming more and more popular and, of course, that means that it’s becoming more and more attractive to investors — to the point that it has just received some $4.75 million in venture capital.

The investment came to SoundTracking by way of Accel Partners, SoftBank Capital and True Ventures. Accel, following on the heels of its previous investment in Spotify, contributed the bulk of the multi-million dollar funding, attributing the appeal of SoundTracking to its merging of technology with the intimacy of sharing the details of a user’s life with others.

For those not already hip to SoundTracking, the app is a clever mix of social media favorites with features that allow its users to snap photos of their current location and tag these shots with their current location and the song they’re listening to at the time. The final product can then be shared through social networks like Facebook, Foursquare and Twitter, creating a digital memoir of however many hours, days, weeks, months or years that the app is used.

Considering the intense buzz — from downloads to Twitter recommendations — currently generated by SoundTracking it isn’t particularly surprising to see another, large cash influx heading its way (AOL Ventures, Google Ventures and True Ventures previously contributed $1.1 million). The company has told press that it plans to use its expanded finances to develop versions of SoundTracking for other platforms (including Android devices) while also continuing work on the base application itself.

Check out SoundTracking by visiting the app’s website or downloading it directly to your iOS device of choice from the iTunes App Store.