SoundCloud Social Music Community Lets You Visually Comment On Music

SoundCloud takes music creation and collaboration and adds a social twist. In a platform that's attracted close to 100 application developers, the music service is quickly becoming the standard for music creation and social collaboration on the internet.

German music startup Soundcloud was founded in 2007 and has steadily grown to become a one of the webs most popular music collaboration services for aspiring musicians. The service exists as a platform for artists to easily create and share music to the web and receive instant feedback on their work through the systems extremely simple sharing and visual commenting system.

An freshly minted song is sent to SoundCloud then placed on a visual graph called a waveform, so when that killer hook comes at 57 seconds a listener can leave a comment at that precise moment, giving the musician insight into what parts of the song he or she liked most. Comments can then viewed by anyone when the song is played from start to finish, with the comments displaying at the time interval when the comment was left. It’s a fascinating concept and does away with long page comment scrolling that’s become irritating on popular blogs and websites like MySpace.

When the song is uploaded its not only available for commentary by the sites two million plus dedicate community users, but it can also be shared easily on social networks or be embedded on any website. With the song-playing widget any track can be instantly embedded and played, similar to the way MySpace has become known as a community for streaming embedded tracks. The difference is the widget can virtually be plugged into any kind of website and not locked into any particular platform. A musician has access to a variety of stats for the song including as number of plays, number of downloads, and number of favorites.

The site itself is very easy to use. You can get started quickly with the Explore Tracks feature to see what’s hot and be grooving to some homebrewed tracks, SoundCloud isn’t just for aspiring or amateur artists anymore either. Big name artists like Foo Fighters, Moby and Caribou have all adopted the platform to socialize their music. In fact as I’m writing this the songs “Times Like These” from the Foo Fighters is streaming in the background from their own SoundCloud page. Thus far it has been played 162,801 times on SoundCloud alone. FM radio should be concerned.

Widgets can also be embedded on social media websites like Facebook allowing your friends to upload tracks and have you receive notification of newly shared music. Musician profiles and songs are given clean web addresses for easy identification and URL sharing. SoundCloud also prides itself in having no limit file sizes, so length and number of tracks is virtually unlimited. Having released an API the company now has opened up its platform to third party developers, attracting app makers to create dozens applications across mobile devices, desktops and the web. A recently released iPhone and Android application has been very popular with SoundCloud users. The apps release means musicians can now record music on the go, and then have it sent to a SoundCloud profile page for instant listening and feedback. With this is place SoundClound succeeds in unifying the entire process of creating music.