Meet LA’s Talented 2012 SoundCloud Fellows

Out of 184 applicants, Berlin-based SoundCloud has chosen 15 finalist projects for its 2012 Fellowship program. LA came out swimmingly, with four locals among this well-deserving group:

David Weinberg (Random Tape): Random Tape will create a series of special episodes that would involve tape that listeners would submit through SoundCloud… A game of telephone around the globe using SoundCloud. They will start with a recorded phrase then post it on SoundCloud for people to translate, record and then post again to translate and record, etc. They also want to have a “Random Skype Day” where they pull people’s Skype handles out of a hat and have them call each other.

Jack Kennedy (NightBus Radio) We’re traveling across North America, writing one song in each town with a stranger, recording their stories, and releasing them online in radio style program, Once a week for three months… an audio version Jack Kerouac’s Dharma Bums. For the digital age, by Greyhound Bus.

Jake DeGrazia (Life Advice Radio) Sort of like what you would get if you extracted a chunk of audio from a Christopher Guest movie and let it love and impregnate a “Dear Abby” column: stories about birds that keep you up at night, dogs with unique smells, proto-hipsters seeking validation, and songwriters that aren’t very good with words. Each episode is about 6.5 minutes long. Problems are absurd.

Will Coley (Working Now): The idea is to create and share stories about the working lives of people today in the U.S. and around the world. We also want to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the book Working by oral historian/radio producer Studs Terkel.

Kristina Weise, US PR manager for SoundCloud, explains the upcoming fellowship process. “We’re supporting our fellows with resources and access to our team,” she explained to FishbowlLA via email. “Although we’re not disclosing the amount per project, we’re providing up to $5,000 of funding. The fellowship program runs from August- mid/end of October.”

Great stuff. Basically, Ira Glass 3.0. Or, as Weise puts it – “People who want to be heard, people with a story to tell, pursuing sound projects that cause a visceral reaction in their listeners. They want to inspire and motivate others to follow in their footsteps and express creatively through sound.”