Sound Familiar?: Bay Area Publisher Buys NY Music ‘Zine

It’s not like the legendary Fillmore West-Fillmore East corridor, but if you’re a music magazine looking to sell, it’s sure starting to feel like it. Last week it was San Francisco-based Hartle Media snagging Spin. This week it’s Revolver, the neo-Slayer-shredding music magazine, snatched up by South San Fran’s Future US Inc., niche publisher of over 150 gaming (Official XBox Magazine, Mac Addict), action sports (Future Snowboarding) and music magazines, with 2005 revenues topping $100 million. According to the company, Revolver will join Future’s music division (Guitar World, Guitar One, Future Music et al) with its staff moving into Future’s expanding Fifth Avenue offices. This is a company, by the way, that says it is the largest magazine publisher on the West Coast and 11th largest overall in terms of gross revenue.

No word on the sale price, but hopefully the “suits” at Revolver managed to get a better return than shocking the “six-figure” transaction that was the Spin sale.

But then again, rock-and-roll isn’t about money, right?

UPDATE: Mediaweek reports the sale price of Revolver as $3.5 million to $4 million, and that Revolver turns a healthy “seven-figure” profit.