#SOTU Tweets Top Last Year’s Volume Despite Dorner Distraction

If you were on Twitter last night, you may have missed President Obama’s State of the Union address as theDorner standoff proved a big distraction (particularly with all the “breaking news” that was reported).

But despite that, it’s interesting to note that the #SOTU still bested its last tweet record by a pretty hefty margin.

Twitter’s government stream reports the event’s tweet volume nearly doubled since the last time around:


And the folks from Topsy share this “minute-by-minute graph for mentions of the term #SOTU and the corresponding highlights” of President Obama’s fourth State of the Union speech. And they they found that when “looking at the terms, independent of #SOTU, it is very obvious that the two most discussed terms were #NowIsTheTime and #TheyDeserveAVote – two terms related to gun control and the recent gun violence in America.” See for yourself: Wondering what the most retweeted tweet from the White House account was? You’ll have to check out Topsy’s blog to see that – and no, it has nothing to do with Rubio’s awkward water moment. They also share the top SOTU experts of the night (as decided by Twitter influence). Oh and if you plan to hold your own political event – be sure to follow Twitter’s advice on hashtags (as they kind of came up with them after all):


Did you catch the SOTU last night and did you tweet about it?

(Obama image from Shutterstock)