Sort Of Relevant

Okay not really at all, but journos are hot and love being photographed so this should probably interest at least some of you:

    Sydney Bristow, Josh Lyman, Ethan Hunt, Mulder and Scully…what do these folks have in common? They’re all federal employees! And now you can “play” one for a few hours!

    Government Executive’s 2007 media kit, our largest annual marketing piece, will showcase the vital work our readers perform daily from national security to program management.

    In order to portray our readers effectively, we are organizing a photo shoot and calling for potential models (YOU!).

    We’re looking for a diverse group of men and women aged 30 – 60 who would be willing to spend 2 or 3 hours max with our photographer at a downtown DC location.

    Timeframe: Tuesday 10/24 to Thursday 10/26
    Wardrobe: Business suit
    Location: Outdoor and indoor shoots, exact locations to be determined
    Compensation will be provided for your time and transportation.

    The pictures will be used in our media kit as well as in house advertising and other marketing materials throughout 2007.

    Would you be interested? Know a former federal employee who would be willing to don a suit and lapel pin? Have a friend, husband or wife who could play the part?

If that’s you, email Leah Frank at GovExec. To protect her against hordes of emails, we won’t give it out, but we’re pretty sure that those who want it bad enough can find out her email on your own.