Sorry Sarah, Jesus Is Not Magic. Jews Are!

Guilt & Pleasure magazine, a publication “dedicated to making Jews talk more,” is hosting a party at the Magic Castle on Saturday to promote the West Coast release of its “Magic Issue.”

Now, we don’t care for magicians — too shystery — but we do like Jews and we do like talking more. So we sat down with G&P editor Mireille Silcoff to ask a few dumb questions:

Q: Why Magic?

A: Every issue of Guilt & Pleasure has a theme, and Magic just seemed like a goody because it can take in everything from mysticism to pop culture, the Zohar to messianism to David Blaine.

This issue came out the same week as the current situation between Israel and Lebanon erupted, something we never could have forseen. But in the end, it’s been a good issue to have out right now. People tend to turn to magic, to mysticism, in times of trouble or suffering — it is then that they start looking for oracles and divine sparks and the like.

Q: Why are Jews so funny? (And a follow: Why aren’t other people as funny as we are?)

A: Oh dear! Well, I am not sure Jews are quantifiably funnier, but as someone born in a country that has brought the US more comedians than any other (Canada), I can answer in a roundabout way, by telling you a bit about why Canadians might have a knack for comedy — it’s partly due to a syndrome of feeling like an outsider looking in. You’ve got a better view for observation because your perch is not in the center of everything — so you can kind of wisecrack from the sidelines.

With Canadians, this has to do with living in country that can feel a little quiet next to its rather larger-living neighbour [her spelling — she is Canadian!]. But with Jews now, it might be more a case of having long memories of being outsiders (Jews are certainly not outsiders in North America these days). Ahem. So there is the least funny answer to your question I could think of.

Q: What should David Copperfield do with his Fountain of Youth?

A: I don’t know what that is. Sounds creepy. If it has anything to do with plastic surgery, Copperfield has obviously done quite a bit with it already.