Sony’s Steve Haber Inspires Over 70 Comments

There’s stevehaber_100x100.jpgmuch debate raging on the blogosphere about Steve Haber’s talk at the eBook Summit. Yesterday Mike Masnick of the blog Techdirt wrote a short post about a couple of Haber’s points–particularly his statement that $9.99 is too low a price for eBooks, and his assertion that DRM is necessary and works well to help content creators make money. Masnick takes serious issue with both points, but more interesting is the growing list of comments on the post, which as of this writing is 77 comments long.

Some of Masnick’s commentators simply agree or disagree with what he’s written, but others offer far more unusual things, such as someone posting as “TheStupidOne,” who is ready to take DRM control into his own hands: “I do not have an ebook reader (though I’m thinking about getting a nook) however I was unwilling to unless I could have DRM free books and backups of those books. So I went searching the internet and I found this: Now I am much more comfortable buying ebooks because I can just strip the DRM out of it,” he writes.

Another person posting as “[picture of a cute penguin] Hephestus” said this:”I am going to order a nook the thing has already been rooted so you can pretty much do what ever you want with it. Plus there is also support for text files that has been added since it was rooted last week. Which mean you can download the entire Project Gutenberg and the affiliate 100k + books. Plus what you said … the DRM can be removed from all the e-book file types.”

Publishers and hardware makers in the new digital book world beware: techies will always outsmart you.