Sony's Buzz! Game for PS3 Introduces Facebook High Score Publishing

Sony Computer Entertainment is expanding the Playstation 3’s Facebook abilities by adding Facebook Connect to their Buzz! Quiz World game. This will allow players to publish their scores to Facebook from directly within the game.

There is a maximum of five available updates per day, a smart move on Sony’s part to ensure that Playstation 3 users don’t end up spamming Facebook. That wouldn’t look good for the game, the console or Facebook, and would probably trigger some sort of complaint about the feature in general. But there’s no doubt that Facebook is moving into the console world, as occasionally updating my friends about a high score in a game, or just letting them know that I’m playing my PS3, is a useful feature for console game players that like to play together. If I see that Joe just posted a high score, I could jump on and start playing with him, and that’s how Facebook can help serve the console world.

This is a follow up to the Playstation 3 announcing that Playstation Network users could connect their accounts with their Facebook accounts and publish their trophy (achievement) awards to Facebook. Buzz uses this same connection, thereby removing the need to reconnect your accounts to post to Facebook. This is convenient and means that it’s just a click to publish your gaming activity to PS3. Expect to see more of this soon.

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