Sony’s 13″ Digital Paper Costs Only $1,100

sony paperSony’s Digital Paper incites a vague desire that can dissipate almost immediately upon viewing the not-so-cool price tag of $1,100. The paper-thin e-ink display can show documents while accepting handwritten notes from an ultra-thin stylus. At 12.6 oz, it’s only slightly lighter than a 1 lb iPad Air, and only slightly thinner at 6.8mm compared to the iPad’s 7.5 mm.

There is one very obvious difference between the two: the e-ink display. Reading and annotating from the iPad seems only ideal in dark conditions. Sure, it’s great for watching videos, listening to music, and rendering amazing games, but really, it’s not that relatable to real paper.

Sony’s Digital Paper offers a high-contrast reflective display that’s letter-sized, meaning, your documents will look the same on screen as they do in real life. Since it’s digital, you can also access PDFs, Word Docs, Excels sheets, and Powerpoint Presentations. Basically, it’s a work horse for paper lovers in a digital world. It is, however extremely cost-prohibitive. That’s why Sony showcased it at the American Bar Association Tech Show in Chicago.