Sony Vaio W Netbook for $499? Meh…

Video courtesy of Sony

You can get a very good netbook if you pay between $300 and $400 these days. If you bump your cash outlay towards $500, you can get a very nice Dell Mini 10 with a speedy Intel Atom Z530 processor and an HD LCD display (1366×768 pixels). If you add another $120 to that price, you can outfit the Dell Mini 10 with a GPS and TV tuner.

So, what can you expect from the…

Sony Vaio W netbook now official in US, coming August for $499

– Intel Atom N280 processor
– Memorystick reader (SD too)
– 3-cell battery (ack!)
– 802.11n (as well as b/g of course)
– 1366×768 HD display

An optional 6-cell battery is available. But, I expect that to be standard in any notebook that costs more than $350 these days.