Sony To Release eReader Apps For iPhone, Android

Sony is introducing eReader apps for the iPhone and Android based phones in December. The application will include access to the Sony Reader Store for the first time on a number of different phones. The apps will compete with a number of different eReader apps already available on these devices such as the Kindle app, the Kobo app and the Barnes & Noble Nook app.

Mobiputing has more: “By launching a Reader app for mobile, Sony might be able to drive up the use of the Sony Reader Store — and also the company’s hardware eBook devices. Once you’ve started purchasing books from the Reader Store for one device, there’s more incentive to continue using that store.”

This release is a smart move for Sony, who was a leader in the eReader space last year, but who has fallen behind since the launch of the iPad and the price wars between Kindle, Nook and Kobo. It might be too little, too late, but perhaps this will help the brand regain some ground in the eBook marketplace. What do you think?