Sony to give voice to, monetize ‘Da Vinci Code’ dissent

dvc.jpgThe NYT reports that Sony will host
a website for which it has solicited essays from theologians and others criticizing ‘The Da Vinci Code.’ The site,, was reported to be launching today, but as of this moment, is still under construction.

This is a pretty smart move, since it will allow Sony to claim that it’s respecting the viewpoints of those who think the book/movie insults the Catholic church, while at the same time de facto expanding the online marketing presence for the movie. The thing is, putting up this kind of website won’t really mitigate the offense some people are going to take at the movie. So, a cynic– not us here at FishbowlLA, because we’re post-cynical, but some other cynic, maybe– might interpret this entirely as a marketing ploy.