Sony To Debut New eReaders


Sony is back in the eReader game with a new line of eReaders. The new eReaders called –The Reader Pocket Edition, Reader Touch Edition, and Reader Daily Edition– come Wi-Fi enabled, and have a new touch screen which is designed to make it easier to use.

According to Crunch Gear, the eReaders will range in cost from $179-$299 and will all be out by November.

PC World
reports: “The new twist is that Sony has ditched the annoying touchscreen overlay of its previous Reader Touch Edition; that overlay was responsible for many of that unit’s faults, including its unresponsive navigation, terrible glare, fuzzy text, and poor contrast.”

Sony’s new models use an infrared optical technology touchscreen. PC World has more: “The touchscreen works by using infrared sensors to detect where your finger is on the screen; it compares that information against a matrix that identifies where your finger is and what action you are trying to accomplish, and then performs that action.”