Sony Reader Wifi on Sale – $99

Sony is having a sale on their new 6″ eBook reader this month, and it’s a killer deal.  If you buy a Sony Reader Wifi between now and 24 December, you can get it for $99. That’s the same price as the Nook Touch and $10 less than the less capable Amazon K4.

It doesn’t appear to be on sale everywhere, but you can find it from Sony and Dell for that price. Dell has free shipping, too.

Sony launched this eReader just a few months ago into a competitive market.  It has a 6″ Pearl E-ink screen, IR touchscreen, Wifi, and a microSD card slot. Notable abilities include an on-device eBookstore, direct download of library eBooks, buying eBooks from other eBookstores via the web browser, and hacking the eReader to access the Android OS running underneath (so you can install apps).


Sony Style

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