Sony Reader: The Christmas Carol and Furby of 2009

If you watch any TV at all, you’ve probably seen Best Buy’s current Christmas commercials: a bunch of none-too-attractive carolers offer musical gift-giving advice to annoyed-looking people, replacing the words to classic carols with cheery advertisements for popular gifts, one of which is the Sony Reader.

Folks have been complaining about these carolers all over the Web (as they should–what is the Web for if not complaining, and what are carolers, commercials, and Best Buy for if not complaining about): Gizmodo, for instance, headlined its post about the ad “Best Buy’s Holiday Carolers Make Me Want to Murder.” And to check in with some other haters, click over to

But whatever else they are, these damn caroling Best Buy commercials may be the clearest evidence that eBooks and eReaders have crossed into the mainstream. And remember, the same thing happened with the Furby, and look at how ubiquitous those are today.