Sony Reader Daily Edition now $150 at PC Richards

Yesterday I brought you a good deal on Sony’s old 5″ eReader, and today I have a not quite as good of a deal on the old 7″ PRS-950 Daily Edition.

This was Sony’s flagship eReader when it launched last year. It’s based on a one of a kind 7″ E-ink screen which has the same width as the standard 6″ E-ink screen with just over an extra inch of height. It has Wifi, 3G, an IR touchscreen, 2 card slots, 2GB Flash storage, and a stylus.

PC Richards has the Daily Edition on its website for $150, brand new and with a full manufacturer’s warranty. That’s a very nice price compared to the original retail, but I don’t think you should get it.

You can also find the just released Sony Reader Wifi for the same price. It has a slightly smaller screen but the Sony Reader Wifi is also running Android. You can even hack it and install Android apps.

PC Richards